The cemetery is not a home for anyone.

The cemetery is where the body of the deceased is placed. Humans are descended from Adam. God made man from the dust of the earth, and exhaled out of his nostrils the breath of life. Adam became a living being. Read Genesis 2: 7. Adam’s sin has led to death. If Adam had not sinned, we would have lived in the perfect place where Adam and Eve lived forever. Read Genesis 2:17.

So everyone dies when their time in the world ends. It is certain that the body made of soil will go back to the same soil. Read the beginning of 3:19. We know that humanity consists of body, soul and spirit. The body created from dust when the life-giving heart stops working. Then he is buried and goes back to where he came from. It’s left to the spirit. The question here is that people often ask themselves where this spirit goes.

As Christianity teaches us, every spirit must be born again, which means to believe and obey the word of God (Jesus Christ). He who believes in Christ receives eternal life, for that spirit is the Holy Spirit who lives forever even though his body dies and returns to the dust. Read John 11: 25-26. Eternal life is Paradise with God forever. He who is not born again will rise to judgment at the resurrection, while those who believe in Christ will rise to eternal life. Read John 3:29.

The conclusion is that the grave is not a place for people to return to, but a place where the body from the soil returns to its soil. Therefore it is not necessary for any prayer; May God enlarge the grave or shine upon it. Some people even believe that the person who dies is going to start in the grave as if he was still alive.

Brethren, so that we may have eternal life and live with God in heaven, we should be born again in the spirit to receive the Holy Spirit of God, which enables us to live forever after we have fallen away from the earthly body we have lived before. The Holy Spirit is found through faith in the Word of God (Jesus Christ). He who believes in him will not perish but will have eternal life. Read John 3: 16b.

God bless you

By Shino Gabow